Why Us?

3E Memtech Pte Ltd tracks its origin back to the research work that was conducted in Prof Neal Chung’s lab in National University of Singapore. Prof Chung’s research group was recognized as the global top one in the field of membrane separation, desalination, and water reuse by Lux Research in 2013. It laid a solid foundation of our hollow fibre nanofiltration membranes. Till date, we are still working closely with Prof Neal Chung and Prof Zhang Sui’s groups to develop and commercialize cutting-edge membrane technologies.

Enabler of our strength: proprietary process

Traditional Nanofiltration Membrane Manufacturing Method

Most of the hollow fiber membranes are made in a two step manner: base membrane and coated with selective layer on top. This process creates yield issue in production and delamination issue in application, leading to high opex and capex for end users.


UF Fibre Yield Rate: 99.8%

Module Fab

Module Yield Rate: 99%

Module Coating

6’’ and Above Module Yield Rate:<60%

Max Product Yield Rate: 50.3%

Our Proprietary One-Step Manufacturing Method

3E-NF is cast in a one-step manner: dense and supporting layers are formed in one step. This is enabled through our years of research on formula and production. Our proprietary process increases the yield of membranes and eliminates the delamination issue. As such, end users could ensure lower capex and opex. 


One-step Fibre Yield rate: 99.8%

Module Fab

Module Yield Rate: 99.0%

Overall Product Yield Rate: 99.6%

Competitive Advantages

Specific Advantage3E-NF Product-Related FeatureHF
Wound NF
High water recover rateUp to 90% with lower osmotic pressure resistance
Lower system setup costLow pressure without pre-filtration system
Lower energy consumptionLow operation pressure
Smaller footprintNo membrance pre filtration system required
High chlorine, alkaline & acidic resistanceSelective layer material property
Less maintenanceLow pressure, system is not easy to damage
Less foulingVery hydrophilic and dense selective layer
Less scalingVery smooth surface
Backwash ReliabilityStrong bonding strength of the interface layer
Algae bloom fouling resistanceSmooth & very hydrophilic selective layer

Wide Range of Applications

Drinking Water Filtration

Removes: Heavy Metal, Bacteria, Virus, Suspended Solids
Benefits: Mineral in Treated Water – Good For Health

Dye Waster Treatment (Secondary Effluent Recycling

Removes: Soluble Dye, Divalent Salts, Organic Compounds
Benefits: Monovalent Salt – Water recycle to reduce the salt usage

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Removes: Silica & Sulphates, Hardness, Chlorides , TDS & Others
Benefits: Less Mineral – Avoid acidic water, reduce piping corrosion

Extraction Of Plant Material

Removes: Colour, Enzyme, Heavy Metal , Virus & Bacteria, SS
Benefits: Solvent Recycle, Less Heat, No Chemical, Pure natural

Seawater Desalination

Removes: Hardness, Organic Matters, Chlorides, TDS & Others 
Benefits: High Recovery, Less Energy Consumption, Less Scaling & Fouling