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Why it is 3E Memtech?


Solid foundation came from the prestigious research group recognized as the global top one in the field of membrane separation, desalination, and water reuse by Lux Research in 2013


In 2007, one of the world’s leading authorities on water, Professor Asit K. Biswas is also the President of the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico, Speaking to Ethos, he argues that Singapore has the know-how and track record to position itself as the water hub of the world.


Singapore named #1 in the Asia Pacific and #8 in the world for Best Global Innovation by Global Innovation Index 2020


Compared to ordinary market available spiral-wound nanofiltration membranes, novel 3E hollow fibre nanofiltration membranes offer: 

  • extremely low energy consumption

  • customized salt rejection rate

  • elevated operation temperature

  • outstanding anti-oxidation feature

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