Wide Range of Applications

Drinking Water Filtration

Removes: Heavy Metal, Bacteria, Virus, Suspended Solids
Benefits: Mineral in Treated Water – Good For Health

Dye Waster Treatment (Secondary Effluent Recycling

Removes: Soluble Dye, Divalent Salts, Organic Compounds
Benefits: Monovalent Salt – Water recycle to reduce the salt usage

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Removes: Silica & Sulphates, Hardness, Chlorides , TDS & Others
Benefits: Less Mineral – Avoid acidic water, reduce piping corrosion

Extraction Of Plant Material

Removes: Colour, Enzyme, Heavy Metal , Virus& Bacteria, SS
Benefits: Solvent Recycle, Less Heat, No Chemical, Pure natural

Seawater Desalination

Removes: Hardness, Organic Matters, Chlorides, TDS & Others 
Benefits: High Recovery, Less Energy Consumption, Less Scaling & Fouling

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