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3E-NF90 Series NF membrane offers good water flux and a high level of rejection with consistently pure end-product, perfect for blackish water treatment by removing undesired salts and other hazardous materials to get good quality drinking water.

3E-NF90 Series NF membrane has 90% rejection of 2000PPM MgSO4, it can be used for:

1). bacteria and virus removal

2). antibacterial compounds removal

3). heavy metal removal

4). other hazardous contents in the water removal


  • Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

  • Brackish water treatment

  • Municipal wastewater recycles 

  • Industrial wastewater recycles

  • Cooling tower blowdown water recycle

  • Water treatment of coal mining

  • Material separation and recycling

For more information, contact:

Telephone:  +65 62056498


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