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3E-NF60 Series NF membrane has high water flux and medium rejection, which are widely used in textile industry and industrial wastewater with organic fouling. It not only removes the TDS but also can remove biofouling materials, highly improve the quality of the purified water

3E-NF60 Series NF membrane has 60% rejection of 2000PPM MgSO4, it can be used for:

1). dye compounds removal

2). TDS reduction

3). Biofouling material removal

4). Organic pollution reduction


  • Wastewater with high biological and organic fouling potential

  • Textile wastewater treatment

  • Cooling tower blowdown water recycle

  • Water treatment of coal mine

  • Oily wastewater treatment

  • Material separation and recycling


For more information, contact:

Telephone:  +65 62056498, +65 65159384

Mobile (WhatsApp & Skype): +65 92376398


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