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3E-NF05 Series is a water treatment NF membrane element with high water flux and relatively low rejection, which can achieve high performance especially in residential applications, it can remove bacteria, virus, and some of the hardness residue from the production and transport line, but keep the useful minerals to produce high-quality drinking water, meanwhile, it has low power consuming and acceptable maintenance cost.


Dense UF membrane (MWCO less than 10K Da) used to produce high-quality drinking water which can be used for:

  1). bacteria and virus removal

  2). hardness reduction


  • Seawater recycles for Mari-culture such as fishing farm to reduce the cost of the farming. 

  • Industrial wastewater treatment and recycle.

  • Material separation and recycling.

For more information, contact:

Telephone:  +65 62056498, +65 65159384

Mobile (WhatsApp & Skype): +65 92376398


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